I am worried depressed tired and afraid

Where again do i start? im not certain of anything but the pain i feel in my heart and the fear of not makeing it home again. the fear of never being home again. the fear of never haveing my own vehicle again, or a towel to hang in my bathroom even. what am i doing? im currently waiting and praying social security might actually aprove my application.im also trying to find a shelter close as possible somewhere and i am open to any kind a work if only i could find it. truth is there not going to want me im afraid.i am also trying hard to be positive and think bout how blessed i am and the people i know in my life. am also needing medical care alot of it. am so unsure of what to do or how. just feel numb and afraid sometimes more than others like now.

About eulabell

My name is Tambra but was always called Tammy. I am currently homeless and have been for a while now.I love birds parrots anything with a feather. I had to let mine go with everything else. I was married and had quite a lot in life.I worked all my life. Still can but am not at this time. I also love plants tropicals.I love water fountains porch swings, and screen doors if you can find em anymore.I love colors as well the softer ones are my favorites. Guess its the simple things i love most. I love watermelon and home grown tomatoes and hot bubble baths.I also love music very much but have to say theres some music that will tear my heart up.I love bells,honeysuckle vines on a fence,wildflowers,kids,true friends,ice cream,pumpkin pie,good cup a coffee,fireplaces,watching birds fly and land,puppy breath,falling stars,honesty no matter what or how bad as long as your honest i can respect that may not like to hear it but the truth is all that matters to me at the end of the day,dont want anything candy coated.may not a mentioned my age im in my 50s its no picinic this homeless life its got to get better go n to keep on try n even when i sure want to quit
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