I really feel the need to mention something to you

I dont know what you may b thinking bout me but its ok. cause id prolly be wondering the same things my self. a person never really knows unless they are in your shoes. do you know what i mean? im sure you do its just that i guess it would be hard for me to even believe some of the stuff and to tell you the truth its made me feel kind of numb. not only numb but very sad because theres no sense in it.thats just the way i feel theres no sense in pretending that you love someone if you dont. theres no sense in lie n to them and going along with some evil plan you have to get everything like my x did.id of much prefered the simple truth. sure id of been hurt and all but would of prefered the truth to what he did. when i was a little girl my mom told me at least once a day that i couldnt walk across the room right. crazy as it is sometimes i still feel like i cant walk ne where right to this day. that was a bad situation and eventually we were taken from there and placed in foster homes. better leave that memory untold it was real bad and as old as i am now still havent ever shaken it completely. I waited my whole life for my dad to look at me the way he did his sons never happened. guess what im wanting you to know is im not a bad person im homeless and am trying to find my way back. but im a very careing person and im honest. be n homeless could happen to ne one at ne time and i wouldnt wish it on ne one ever. even my x lol though its not my nature to want to hurt ne one or ne thing. however when he did what he did and you dont even know all he did i wanted to more than i wanted my next breath.far as my dad i loved him im not mad im hurt i think he should of at least said sister i dont love you i dont even know why i just dont. far as my brother goes who is by the way my half brother from my dads second marriage seems like to me he would of given me a hug or said nothing at all cause i was crying at the time he laughed and asked so what are you going to do now? either way i guess i had really felt the need to mention theese things to yaull and thats it thats just me and thank u cause i feel alil better have n said it do hope it made since thanks again.

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