Where do i start? there are so many things to say its not bad enough my self esteem is on empty. where and what do you do? where can you go? walk and keep walking i was looking for a shelter to go to when i found mooches site it took me by suprise for sure. so i emailed him not sure of it at all hard for me to understand what it really was etc.he like he said he would get  back with me and told me what to do and has been helping me i messed up he fixed it. truth is i was scared to death to do anything but did and then paniced and apologized to him.wasnt sure how to feel till i got an email back from him that calmed me down and made me feel so much better. hate to admit it but im the one that walks in the hospital so tired and thirsty they have free iced tea and a place to sit down. they have restrooms and couches and phones i sat down and with one hand i place it on my forehead and close my eyes it feels good to sit down and its nice and cool in there. after a while i am being noticed and im asked if i need a ride somewhere, i say no thank you and by now you should know i like the truth and i have just lied or have i? well where would i get a ride to?wish so much i was home im tired of walking with no where to go. im hungry and thirsty and dont have anything but the clothes on my back and they need washed and id love to take a hot i get up and i walk back to the cafeteria and get a refill of tea to go hit the streets once more.i dont like walking my ankles get huge n swollen my feet hurt. i have litterally walked and worn theese shoes almost out and there not the only pair that have worn out.its worse at night cause i cant see and stumble and i dont know where to go . i see houses with there lights on inside and think to myself how lucky they are and wish it was me in one.i remember mine and walk thru the front door in my mind and am numb from it all.i feel very sick and am afraid i may never see the day that i will be home again or have a vehicle ever again. its hard i have maybe 2 true friends that i sometimes walk to there house and take a shower and get my clothes washed and maybe spend the night and leave the next morning.times are hard for everyone now a days but its no piece of cake for a homeless person for sure. im angry as well bout my life my past cant change the past wish i could cant make the pain go away. i avoid mirrors at all costs i am old but look twice my age i have a crown that is one of my front teeth it came out i got a hold of some crazy glue and put it back in. no it still comes out i have to keep putting it back in and its shoved way higher than the other one. theres so many things i want to say i looked for a bridge to get under but couldnt find one im afraid of snakes and stuff and keep walking. the tea from the hospital put something in my stomache and i got a break its so hot outside even at night. where do you go to the bathroom at? where are you going at all?where? dont know but its time to go again cause i dont burden people by my comeing around and if i come around i try not to stay to long. this person has let me use there computer and ive rested and vented and drank some iced tes and also got a sandwich. but its time to go again.

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